Frank Brewster, III dba Brewster’s Guacamaya Enterprises (BGE) is a home-based, independent book publishing company that specializes in school children’s literature. All of BGE’s publications are copyrighted and made in McAllen, Texas. 


Through his works, Mr. Frank Brewster III seeks to create cross-cultural awareness, such as assisting Spanish speakers to acquire the English language more quickly, and setting precedence in exposing children with elements of learning as a lifelong skill through his poetic writings. Since the acceptance by school districts, Mr. Brewster has created many additional books and has been actively showcasing his works and is a featured author. Nationally, he has presented at the National Association for Bilingual Educators in Denver, Colorado, and New Orleans, Louisiana, and San Diego California. He has also been

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Educational Poetry

Early childhood and sing along literature that promotes and developes quikly a child's understanding of listening, speaking, reading and singing educational material.

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Bilingual & dual-languaje poetry, assisting in the aquisition of the english languaje.

Poetry presents immense possibilities for literary development, and it also assists students to acquire a second language 
through a great variety of opportunities for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

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This book is a collection of Latin and American contemporary works of poetic art. It transcends time in its uniqueness with its powerful yet passionate sentiments that are sure to allow ones emotions to expand


Declarations of a Life