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Small Book

El Gatito Perdido

/ The Lost Little Kitten

• Big Book: 12”x 18”, Full Color Double Side, Top Spiral binding.
• Regular Book: 8.5”x 7”, Full Color Double Side, Magazine Stapled.
• Small Book: 5”x 4”, Full Color Double Side, Magazine Stapled.

Teacher Edition Includes: Vocabulary, Thinking Skill Questions, Lesson Plan and Teacher Instructions.

Big Book


Sample Pages

Regular Book

  • Teacher Instructions0:17
  • Instrucciones Del Maestro0:17
  • El Gatito Perdido Spanish Voice With Music0:17
  • El Gatito Perdido Englsh Voice Only0:17
  • El Gatito Perdido Spanish Voice Only0:17
  • El Gatito Perdido English Voice Only0:17
  • El Gatito Perdido Voc. Sp. to Eng.0:17
  • El Gatito Perdido Voc. Eng. to Sp.0:17
  • El Gatito Perdido Karaoke0:17

In EL GATITIO PERDIDO / THE LOST LITTLE KITTEN, we find someone whose love and compassion helps a frightened little kitten on a winter day. Throughout the book the themes of Compassion and Friendship are strongly emphasized. The poems are dissected into a word(s) and/or phrase(s) to be studied as vocabulary words from Spanish to English and/or English to Spanish through its interactive CD. There is a 2 second pause for the children to listen to and then repeat the word(s) and/or phrase(s). These books come with their own original and authentic musical arrangements that will enhance the child’s learning more quickly. In addition, the teacher edition book contains six sections of ten (10) questions and answers each that will evolve from the most basic questions until reaching their final product questions.

Every teacher will enjoy following the lesson plan provided and sets of teacher instructions to better understand how to teach this book. Lastly, all of these variations of learning styles can be learned through bilingual study and/or dual language study (only in Spanish or only in English).  This literature is available in big books, regular class size, small size, and Gómez and Gómez DLE.

Titles available in English or Spanish only and Gómez & Gómez DLE.