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Using Spanish Poetry to Students in the Acquisition of English Language

A challenge that faces the growing population of adolescents in US is to quickly adapt to speaking and writing the English language. Using (Spanish) poetry as a means to better understand words and their meanings promotes improved listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that, in turn, provide meaningful interaction among students in their social and academic environment. Therefore, students can develop cognition, learn new concepts, and achieve best when they can understand the language of instruction (August, Calderon, & Carlo, 2003).  Once students comprehend the role of poetry in the development of linguistic skills, they will be able to transfer that knowledge to the English language (Collier & Thomas, 1997; Cummins, 2001).  Poetry is part of the student’s daily life since it is a constant reminder through music heard and videos seen in the local media. By inviting students to interpret what they listen to, they will evaluate and analyze their first language and then English in a variety of situations and give responses of their own.  Chapter 128.22.5c of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Spanish Language Arts and Reading and English as a Second Language requires the student to speak clearly and appropriately to different audiences for different purposes and occasions using present dramatic interpretations of poems to communicate. Therefore, the purpose of this presentation is to describe how to integrate more effectively poetic art as a means of expression that will allow the students to more rapidly acquire the English language. 

This abstract is the basis for my production of children’s literature. It is with humbleness, sincerity, and tremendous passion for the betterment of our young minds that I have taken up my own challenge to contribute in a positive manner to further help educate our school children. I am not trying to invent the wheel; I am just making it turn much faster.

Frank Brewster III

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